Sonix MCU  (45)
Elan MCU  (51)
RF芯片  (12)
Metal link  (1)
优势M0  (3)
HD FLASH  (14)
直流马达  (2)
优势FLASH  (12)

The SN8P2522 is a RISC-like high performance, low power consumption and industrial class 8-bit micro-controller. The device is designed with the excellent IC structure including the program memory up to 2K-word OTP ROM, data memory of 128 bytes RAM, three 8-bit timer counters (T0, TC0, TC1), one 16-bit timer (T1), a watchdog timer, seven interrupt sources (T0, TC0, TC1, T1, INT0, CM0, SIO), two channel 8-bit duty/cycle programmable PWM output (PWM0/PWM1), 8-channel comparator, one SIO interface and 8-level stack buffers. There are two oscillator configurations to select for generating system clock, including an internal 16MHz RC oscillator for system clock and an internal low frequency RC oscillator for slow mode controlled by programming.

  • OTP ROM size: 2K * 16 bits

  • RAM size: 128 * 8 bits

  • 8-levels stack buffer

  • Bi-directional I/O: P0, P1, P5

  • Level trigger wakeup Input Port: P0, P1

  • External interrupt: P0

  • One external interrupts: INT0

  • Six internal interrupts: T0, TC0, TC1, T1, CM0, SIO

  • Two channel 8-bit duty/cycle programmable PWM output (PWM0/PWM1)

  • 8-channel comparator

  • One SIO interface

  • On-chip watchdog

  • Internal High Clock: 16MHz RC oscillator

  • Internal Low Clock: RC oscillator, about 16KHz at 3V, 32KHz at 5V

  • Most of instructions are one cycle only

  • All ROM area lookup table function(MOVC)

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